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MediCare4U Ltd provides healthcare solutions by redefining health care delivery and cost through the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, affordable care to the clients it serves in each country.
Nowadays the most popular medical treatments among medical tourists are IVF, IVF with egg donation, Surrogacy, Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG), Heart Valve repair, angioplasty, gastric sleeve surgery, joint replacement, LASIK, dental implantation.





The best treatment in Europe

MediCare4U Ltd is a British based company, medical facilitator providing medical services through special relationships with some of the finest facilities in central and eastern Europe. We focus on best healthcare providers in such country as Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Baltic states, where quality of medical care and expertise could be surprisingly good.
Unlike online medical discount call centres, we offer much more than “cheap prices”.
Our real responsibility is to select trusted, fully-insured medical treatment facilities that match your personal needs, and then provide a complete medical including travel and accommodation at “best value” prices.

Quality medical solutions at lower cost

We plan and deliver a total package for you. Much like relationship with your doctor’s office, our staff build a relationship of care and trust. Beyond a doubt, this is the safest way to arrange a medical tourism trip and benefit from substantial savings.

“We guarantee total care at the fair price.”

In Eastern Europe – Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia – save up to 65% on treatment costs compared to the UK, US.

Our Services

Medicare4U is medical facilitator dedicated to providing a total service solution to patients. From your first enquiry through to meeting your Doctors and to post treatment recovery we are with you all the way. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best treatment supported by our team at all times.
  • Services related to medical consultation and treatment: Responding to client/patient enquiries through email and or telephone.
  • Providing Doctors recommendations based on the information/diagnosis received.
  • Providing quotations for treatment.
  • Assistance with insurance companies
  • Facilitating further consultations/advice/ appointments if required.
  • Providing Second Opinion by International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB)
  • Confirmation of appointments and dates with the treating Doctor/Clinic.
  • Coordination of appointments for patients companions if required.
  • Medical transportation/ Repatriation/ Medical Escorts



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Medicare-4u Assist Services and Benefits:


  • 24 hours a day call center
  • Full TPA services (Third Party Administrator)
  • Claims handling
  • Case management
  • Cost containment
  • Fraud investigation
  • Second medical opinion
  • Employee benefits
  • Ground / air ambulance transportation
  • Medical escorts services
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Evacuations / repatriations

Services related to Travel, Accommodation and Tourism:

  • Travel arrangements and bookings.
  • Visa processing if required.
  • Airport Transfers and Welcome.
  • Organising hotel accommodation, pre-hospitalisation.
  • Accommodation for family members or assistants.
  • Medical Travel Financing – Financing of medical procedures through the acquisition of retail installment contracts through our provider network.  We offer flexible and convenient financing options to most patients even those with less then perfect credit.
  • Nurse or personal assistant if required.
  • Interpreteur
  • Transport to Clinic and other locations as required.
  • Post treatment recovery and medical check-up before departure.
  • Organising Guided/Package tours to various places of interest.
  • Recovery stay period if required in hotel, apartment or Spa Resort.
  • Medical record translations.
  • Trip Insurances – Individual & family coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, medical expenses and baggage.
  • City Guide.

Medical Torusim Facilitators -What they do?

By definition, a healthcare facilitator is the one who assists another an individum in a search of best quality affordable healthcare anywhere in the world. A Medical Tourism Facilitator helps people reach their objective of improved health and a higher quality of life.
While it sounds like a nice little package, tied with a pretty pink bow, a Medical Tourism Facilitator is one busy manager, juggling a vast amount of responsibilities and wearing multiple hats at any given moment.

How to prepare yourself for treatment abroad?

Here is a patient guide by leading UK communication agency “Intuition” on how to get ready for medical journey and what to expect when travelling abroad for various medical procedures. Patient Guide



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