Egg donation Ukraine IS legal and involves following criteria.
Who can become an Egg donor?

In line with recommendations of  ESHE (European Socіety of Human Reproductіon and Embryology) a donor should be under 35 years and be in a good physical and mental health. We can not accept those donors, who have in their medical history cancer, heart or kidney diseases, hereditary  and sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction.

The program of the egg donation is anonymous.

To select an egg donor for your future family is a very genetically important step, which we are here to assist you with. Medicare-4u has a large database of caucasian egg donors for every taste. In order to log into our database of donors you will have send us a simple form or an email with query and a short info on desired egg donor profile. As for legislation when choosing an egg donor-it differs from country to country.
Most of our donors are not older than 30 years old. We accept only those donors who are healthy, already delivered a healthy child with good genetics. Those donors who have a proved records as experienced donors will have a priority and will be accommodated at a higher level of remuneration expectations.