Medicare4U is focused on Eastern European countries where healthcare is often up to international standards. Every country we are working with is to offer something special, unparalleled medical expertise in some areas, the hospitals can be called only as a Center of Excellence.


Since joining the EU in 2004, Poland has capitalized on its ability to offer cheap medical treatment to foreign patients, with large numbers of private health clinics signing agreements with the national health services of other EU member states as well as with travel companies from around the world. Poland has sought to exploit its ability to offer visitors a combination of healthcare and leisure holidays, and to date, it has managed to do it quite harmoniously.

Low cost of treatment is the biggest attraction, with procedures saving a minimum of 40 percent or more when compared with UK prices. Such attractive prices, combined with a solid reputation for quality specialists, nursing staff, equipment, and pharmaceutical products, are what help to draw close to a half-million annual medical tourists to the country each year.


Healthcare in Ukraine is divided on state-funded and a private one. Private hospitals are very modern and well equipped, run by medical staff, which often has an international experience of working or studying in the EU, US or UK. Private healthcare is available all over the country and becoming increasingly popular and among the locals.

Private cosmetic surgery and dental care in Ukraine are on par with the best in Europe, but cost around a fifth of the price. For example, a dental crown can cost just EUR 125, dental implants by international manufacturers will cost 510 EUR in Ukraine, while breast reduction surgery can cost as little as 1,500 EUR.

One of the most promising areas for medical tourists to this country – cardiovascular surgery. Open heart surgeries such as CABG will cost in Ukraine about 8000 EUR, angiography price 950 EUR, drug eluted stent placement (incl 3 days of hospitalization) 3400 EUR.

IVF treatment with a course of IVF with egg donation starting from 3685 EUR in Ukraine.

Laser eye surgery, with LASIK eyesight correction, starts at around 1500 EUR. One of the latest most popular treatment in Kiyv among the medical tourists – some cell treatment, which is definitely on the rise in this country.
Medical tourism is growing rapidly in Ukraine, especially in the capital Kiyv, where you can discover a fascinating city full of sights to make a trip for your treatment.  There are many advantages of traveling to Ukraine for private healthcare.


For those who look for the best combination of high-quality medical care and a holiday on the Black Sea -Turkey is the best choice.
Most of the hospitals working in the medical tourism sector are internationally accredited by JCI and cover all range of medical expertise from cardiac to cancer treatment. Most well-known hospitals in Turkey are – Acibadem, Medical Park, Universal, Memorial, Medicana, Dunya Eye Clinic and others


Health care in Greece traces its roots to the ancient Greek civilization. Hospitals did not exist in the modern sense in the ancient Greek world, but temples dedicated to the healing god Asclepius (called Asclepia) functioned as healing places as well as places of worship.

However, it is not known if a universal health care system was established and if free health care system was provided to the Greek citizens.
Nowadays, healthcare services are provided by a universal health care system and via a private system of hospitals and clinics that are in rapid increase. During the last three years the private sector of healthcare is on an increasing growth due to the fact that many Greeks prefer private institutions from public services and because of the establishment of medical tourism services from the private sector.

Medical Tourism starts to play a vital role in the development of the healthcare industry in Greece.  Greece’s high respected healthcare services along with the physical environment , the weather conditions and the possibility for a true combination of leisure and medical treatment , ranks Greece among the most attractive places for Medical Tourism.


Health care system in Estonia has seen profound reform since early 1990s. Among the main objectives of the health care reform were reorganising the public funding system and the overextended hospital system, improving the quality and accessibility of general medical care service, and a more efficient use of resources, including reform of primary care, which began in 1991, and was successfully completed by 2003. The training and introduction of family doctors was central to this reform.
The main reason most people first come to Estonia is to see the best preserved and intact medieval city in Europe – Tallinn. The unique value of Tallinn’s Old Town lies first and foremost in the well-preserved nature of its medieval milieu and structure, which has been lost in most of the capitals of northern Europe. Since 1997, the Old Town of Tallinn has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.


If you are looking to combine a rich cultural experience with dental or cosmetic treatment, then this may be the destination that suits you best. While prices are not the cheapest compared with the world’s major medical tourism hubs, they are still 40 to 50 percent of those charged in the UK, meaning significant savings are still possible for visitors.
The standard of treatment is high, with clinics employing highly qualified surgeons and nursing staff as well as invariably using state-of-the-art equipment. A good standard of English is spoken at all private clinics which pitch themselves to international patients, and interpreters can be brought in if language problems present themselves. Before or after treatment, visitors can enjoy something of the country’s wealth of cultural attractions.


However, the country is showing signs of taking steps towards increasing its status as a medical tourism hub, having already earned itself a reputation as a destination in which to obtain cheap and good quality dental treatment.
The Czech Republic’s major advantage is its low overheads; the cost of property and the significantly lower salaries of industry specialists and employees mean that the customer pays less, considerably less when you consider that some treatments can be 30 to 40 percent cheaper than in the UK.

Aside from cheap medical treatment, the country is worthy of a visit for a whole host of other reasons and medical tourists invariably stay long enough to check out its historically and aesthetically fascinating cities and interesting cultural aspects.


Today, a variety of medical procedures can be sought in Latvia. Orthopedic procedures are the most common, but there are also a fair amount of tourists receiving dental care, plastic surgery, and other elective operations. In many cases, patients choose to go to Latvia in order to receive world-class medical treatment while avoiding the waiting lines in their home country.

Tourism in Latvia is a relatively new enterprise, and visitors enjoy the mix of medieval architecture, especially in the capital city of Riga, where you’ll find the Gothic St Peter’s Church and Riga Castle. There are plenty of museums chronicling life under and after soviet rule. And for those who need some down time to recuperate, many visitors have compared the white sand Baltic coastline to the Mediterranean.


Not the first place you would necessarily think of heading to for medical treatment, Croatia in Central Europe is slowly but surely establishing a name for itself as a medical tourist centre, with low-cost treatment and high standards of care being its most attractive selling points.
Following in the paths of countries such as Hungary, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic, Croatia is waking up to its potential as a medical tourist destination and its government is taking serious steps to ensure that it receives the global attention that it deserves.
Dentistry is the country’s strongest selling point with a full range of essential and cosmetic treatments available at costs well below those on offer in the UK. Cosmetic surgery is also on the rise, with everything from face lifts and liposuction to breast enlargements and reductions available. Prices are, again, a major selling point with savings of up to 40 percent against the cost of similar procedures in the UK.
Croatia has done much to improve its image as a worthy visitor destination since its war-torn days. Those coming to avail themselves of cheap medical treatment can also take advantage of the country’s rich history, unrivalled natural beauty and fine medieval architecture as well as modern attractions and activities.


For the past decades Israel Healthcare services have been focused solely on providing the finest healthcare available. As a result, there have been many advances in all areas of healthcare and hundreds of thousands of lives have been significantly impacted.
Israel Healthcare services garnered many awards, introducing both clinical and technological breakthroughs by our leading physicians, bio-medical engineers and nurses.
Many of the cutting-edge medical systems, as computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, endoscopy, cardiac catheterization laboratory, cardiac stents, pharmaceutical and bio-technology, were invented and developed in Israel.