One of the ways to treat infertility problems is ICSI, or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

This procedure is painless and very efficient especially in treating male factors of infertility. ICSI is a technique to pick up a single live sperm and inject it directly into the center of a human egg. ICSI requires ovarian stimulation with medications to develop several mature eggs or IVF. Those mature eggs will be aspirated through the vagina to be incubated under particular conditions in the embryology laboratory. Than live sperm picked up as a single sperm sample in a glass needle and injected directly into the egg.
Nowadays about all IVF procedure includes ICSI.
The fertilization rates using the ICSI technique in the IVF laboratory is exceptional (currently 80-85%). That is to say, on average for every ten eggs, 8 eggs will fertilize normally. Regular price for ICSI with IVF in countries of Eastern Europe, Ukraine is about 1200 USD and for ICSI + IVF with anesthesia 1250 USD