Pacemaker is a device for heart stimulation – designed for electrical stimulation of the heart rhythm. Implantation of a pacemaker is a surgery performed under local anesthesia in the electrophysiology laboratory. Placement of the electrodes and the stimulator is n
Pacemaker functions using one or more electrodes and can be either a permanent or temporary stimulation.
Pacemaker installed under the skin, usually below the left clavicle. The electrode or electrodes are inserted through a vein.
In the case of two ventricular stimulation additional electrode inserted through a coronary vein of the heart, located on the side of the left ventricle.
Type of a pacemaker used for cardio stimulation depends on the type of a disease.
After implantation of a pacemaker patient has to be hospitalized for the next 24 hours. This time used for control of a pacemaker work with the help of chest X-ray and monitoring of the basic necessities of life of the patient. Sutures are removed in 8-10 days.
The battery in the pacemaker designed to work for 10-12 years. Then it must be replaced.
Complications after pacemaker installation
Complications associated with surgery may include: hematoma, venous thrombosis, hemorrhage, pneumothorax or pleural cavity, the breakdown of the heart with fluid in the pericardium, or more rarely with cardiac tamponade, pneumothorax or subcutaneous infection.
The indications for pacemaker are diseases of the conducting system of the heart that cause life-threatening heart rhythm disorders.
Diseases for which a pacemaker recommended:
Sick sinus syndrome
Atrial fibrillation with disorder of work of the heart
Blockade of electrical impulses between the atria and ventricles of the heart
Progressive congestive heart failure
Pacemakers are of 2 types – double chamber and single-chamber.
Price for pacemaker in Ukraine and Turkey without hospitalization costs on average between 2100 and  20 000 USD– depending on the manufacturer and a type of the pacemaker.
Cardio Stimulator (Pacemaker)

Cardio Stimulator (Pacemaker)