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Gum Surgery, Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatment, Whitening
Lux Medical

Lux Medical is a leading dental clinic in Ukraine with more than 15 years on the market.

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Lux Medical is located at the heart of Kiyv. The clinic offers full range of dental procedures including surgical and orthodontic. All the consumables used by the doctors are by leading international manufacturers and coming with a warranty by the clinic.

One of the areas of expertise -dental implantology. Dental implants price at Lux Medical 550 USD. Dental crowns price with abutments 165 USD. Dental implant pricing depends on the manufacturer. Please, keep in mind that it is much safer to have 2 stage implants rather than 1 stage. You would have to plan your first visit to Kiyv for 7 days for initial implantation and then in 4-6 month time you would have to come again for a dental crown and abutment to be installed. Alternatively, you can have the second stage accomplished back in your home country. Our dentists will be happy to talk to their colleagues back in your home country to assist with the second stage.

Dental clinic “Lux Medical” is equipped with the most modern CT machine, which allows you to get a 3D image of your teeth within a few minutes. The image shows an accurate virtual layer-by-layer section, available for examination in any projection, and we have the opportunity to examine layer-by-layer soft and bone tissues without traumatic additional procedures. The picture is complete enough to fully assess the condition of the jaw and teeth and establish a diagnosis. Using tomography data, you can plan in detail the operations for the installation of implants and various orthopedic structures. In therapeutic treatment, 3D diagnostics is used to assess the condition of the tooth, the number of canals in the roots of the tooth in the treatment of periodontitis and pulpitis. In periodontology, it is used to find out in what condition the periodontal tissues are. In endodontic treatment of root canals, computed tomography data can be used to assess the curvature and length of the tooth canals.

Dentists at the clinic actively use a dental microscope. The microscope is indispensable when you need to clearly see where the damaged tissue ends and the healthy one begins, the border between the tooth and the crown, the smallest enamel relief and the shape of the dental canals.
Treatment under a microscope is longer than traditional methods, but it is of higher quality and more accurate – and this is its advantage.

Prices for dental implants and dental crowns are offered with all other items/services included – such as medications, consumables, consultations and surgeon fees.

Just send us your latest X-ray or CT scan for our dentist to define the scope of work and its costs.


  • Teeth cleaning
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Caries treatment
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Periodontitis treatment
  • Gum treatment, periodontology
  • Teeth jewelry
  • Teeth treatment during pregnancy


The Kyiv dental clinic staff are experienced therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists, and surgeons with major experience. Teeth treatment is done in the shortest time, and what is more important, absolutely painless. All procedures are made with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies. Thanks to innovative methods the clinic has decreased the number of unnecessary procedures and time for treatment of painful symptoms. Clinics specialists have major experience in the treatment of difficult cases, when most tooth part is destroyed or when the teeth channels are damaged.
Please, contact us to have a free video appointment for  all your dental problems:

  • Treatment of damaged teeth;
  • Restoration of lost teeth;
  • Fixing of the wrong occlusion;
  • Teeth aligning;
  • Treatment on any dental infections;
  • Treatment of gum and teeth inflammation.

Implantation methods – One-stage implantation and Two-stage implantation

All methods of implantation.

Lux Medical
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Consultation FREE
Dental Implant without crown 550 USD
Dental crown 160 USD
Braces 550 USD (per jaw)
Root Canal Treatment 68 USD
Dental Bridge 195 USD
Veneers 275 USD

Detailed Price List in USD

Tooth whitening:  
one jaw 110 USD
one tooth 11 USD
Professional tooth cleaning:
     ultrasound, polishing paste — one jaw   25.00  USD
     ultrasound, «Air flow» – one jaw             35.00  USD
Caries treatment
Filling extraction                  5 USD
Amalgam  filling extraction 6 USD
Pulp cap                               20.00
Insulating cap (glass ionomer) 5
Proroot cementum               10
Post extraction                     5
Anchor post                          9
Fiberglass post                    20
Restoration of  tooth stump with light-curing material 15
Cofferdam 5
Milk tooth filling (Fuji VIII)  10
Temporary filling                  5
Two-stage implantation. Dental implants prices: 
RADIX (Belorussia)    495.00 USD
Alpha Dent (Israel)    555.00 USD
Alpha Bio (Israel)      625.00 USD
Medical Implant System (Israel)    685.00 USD
AB Dental Devices (Israel)             675.00 USD
Adin Dental Implant System (Israel)   665.00 USD
Nobel Biocare Replace (USA)        1800.00 USD
Trinon Q-Implant System (Germany)   780.00
Konus Dental Implants (Germany)       850.00
Perio Type (Switzerland)                      780.00
Temporary implant                               315.00
“Sinus-lift” operation + costs of bone medications and membranes according to pricelist   510.00
  Osteocunductive and osteoinductive medications
Bio-oss                   100.00
Bio-gen granules   115.00
Blocks                     380.00
Osteoplant blocks  425.00
Fisiograft test   225.00
Fisiograft (powder, gel, block)   100.00
Dynagraft   575.00
Collapan, Osteoplast, GAP   65.00
Tutoplast   200.00
Barrier membrane reabsorbable
Biocollagen   150.00
Hyprororb   110.00
Gore-Tex   460.00
Bio-Guide   270.00
Paranontcall   85.00
 Barrier membrane unreabsorbable  
         Titan nets and foil   250.00
         Gore-Tex                  450.00
         Gore-Tex (reinforced with titan)   715.00
  Impression taking:
alginate mass   5.00 USD
silicon mass  “С” 8.00 USD
silicon mass “А” 10.00
occlusion rim   8.00
Crown extraction price:
pressed   6.00 USD
forged   8.00
Diagnostic cast   8.00
Temporay crown (in lab)   15.00
Temporay crown (in office) 8.00
Crown cementing «Fuji»   5.00
Crown cementing «Relix» 8.00
Temporary crown cementing 5.00
Stump inlay   40.00
Non-disposable stump inlay   70.00
Silver stump inlay 45.00
Solid cast crown   55.00
Porcelain fused metal crown 1 item  «Ultrapalin»   75.00
Porcelain fused metal crown 1 item  «GS»   100.00
Porcelain fused metal crown 1 item  on arm   120.00
  – single tooth preparation for porcelain fused metal crown 5.00
  – single tooth preparation for metal free denture 5.00
Ceramic crown   320.00
Ceramic veneer   320.00
Ceramic inlay   200.00
Dental prosthesis on clammers   380.00
Clasp dental prosthesis   500.00
Sigle side microclasp dental prosthesis   350.00
Bushing replacement   200.00
Fully removable laminar prosthesis 150.00
Partially removable laminar prosthesis 120.00
Custom tray   35.00
Repair of fully removable laminar prosthesis   40.00
Prosthesis relining   40.00
Single tooth welding   15.00
Removable rosthesis relining 40.00
Removable rosthesis relining 35.00
Kappa   45.00
Swaged crown 35.00
MPC (metal-protective coating) 5.00

Tooth extraction price Kiyv
Simple extraction of a single-rooted tooth (including X-ray and anesthesia)   30.00 USD
Simple extraction of a multi-rooted tooth (including X-ray and anesthesia)    45.00 USD
Atypical extraction; extraction of impacted teeth (including X-ray and anesthesia)  80.00 USD
Extraction of milk tooth by physiological change (including X-ray and anesthesia)   10.00 USD
Extraction of milk tooth by complicated caries (including X-ray and anesthesia)      15.00 USD
Frontal teeth crown top resection   70.00 USD
Molar and premolar teeth crown top resection   75.00 USD
Hemisection of multi-root teeth   50.00
Amputation of of multi-root teeth root   50.00
Crown-radicular molar separation   40.00
Single-rooted tooth reimplantation   50.00
Multi-rooted tooth reimplantation   75.00

Jaw cyst surgeries
Cystotomy without  causative tooth extraction   40.00
Cystotomy with  causative tooth extraction   65.00
Cystectomy with crown tops resection (2-3 teeth) 95.00
Cystectomy with  causative tooth extraction   75.00

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