The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv offers some outstanding medical tourist opportunities. A country that needs to be discovered. During 2019-2020 Medicare4U Ltd will be promoting Ukraine as a major medical tourism destination. Because it is just 3 hours flying time from London, Ukraine offers some of the easiest to access quality medical treatments.

 Kyiv is a ‘Green City’ and is rich in architecture and history. You can find several international hotels as well as economy class hotels in this country. All our partner hospitals in Ukraine have been inspected and approved by the Medicare4U team. The Medical staff in these clinics also speak English, together with some other languages when required.

Some hospitals in Ukraine have international accreditation JCI, QHA, ISO. Doctors often speak several languages and have a western education.

The most promising areas of medical tourism to this country  –

  • All range of IVF procedures including most popular surrogacy services, where an IVF cycle with an egg donor would be about 3850 EUR, surrogacy package about 40 000 USD. There are more than 50 IVF clinics in Ukraine
  • Heart surgeries -such as CABG (bypass) 7500 EUR, angioplasty/ stent placement 3700 EUR, heart valve replacement/repair (about 9500 EUR) – offered by Heart Institute hospital in Kyiv.
  • Joint replacement  (about 5000 EUR)
  • Obesity surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) 3800 EUR, offered by several hospitals in Kyiv
  • Dental implant 560 USD, a dental crown 160 USD

Video about Kyiv, Ukraine

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Ukraine – country profile Video
Kyiv-profile video

Some facts about Ukraine:

Currency: Hryvnia (or grivna, if transliterated from Russian), abbreviation = UAH (sometimes “hr”). Exchange rate since spring 2012 hovers around

1 USD = 27 UAH

1 EUR =30,6 UAH

1 GBP =36,30 UAH

Location: Eastern Europe*;

Population: 42 million

Area: 603,000 km2 (slightly larger than France and slightly smaller than Texas)

Capital: Kyiv (or Kiev)* 2,635,300 (realistically approaching 4 million)