There are several thousands patients every year in need of organ transplantation.
Recently Turkey became a popular destination for organ transplantation, especially when it comes to liver, bone, marrow and kidney transplantation.
Most important for a facility to perform such surgery is a level of operation theaters, laboratories, intensive care unite.
The organ transplantation surgery can be explained in 3 steps: referral and evaluation, transplant surgery, post transplantation.
There are legal variations in every country on who can apply for organ transplantation surgery.

There are legal criteria set forth by Turkish Ministry of Health for being a living donor.

The candidate donor must have turned the age of 18 and must be mentally balanced.
Blood groups of the recipient and donor should be compatible
The candidate donor must be relative of the patient or his/her spouse up for forth degree.
First degree: mother, father, child,
Second degree: sibling, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild,
Third degree: paternal/ maternal uncle, aunt, cousin (child of sibling)
Fourth degree: Children of third degree relatives.
The candidate donor must not have a known health or overweight problem.

Such surgery can cost from 20 000 USD till 70 000 USD, depending on complexity of the surgery, type of organ.

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