Medicare4u carefully chooses healthcare providers as partners based on following criteria – internationally accredited, quality of care with proven success rates for various procedures, professional and scientific acknowledgment in the corresponding area of medicine, quality of administration, client care and patients feedback!

 The list of healthcare providers listed by Medicare4u is not permanent and can be changed in connection with the level of patients satisfaction by the hospital services, pricing and quality of care.


Your health and quality of services you get are the topmost priorities for us.  That is why we choose to work and offer you only the best health care providers available in Ukraine. Here is how we select them.


When selecting health care providers we primarily look at their image among clients. We talk with their clients and personnel to understand the general attitude to the clients, as well as the results of treatment. 

We analyze everything – from technology to the level of education and training of personnel and successful work of a private health care institution with private medical insurance companies. Also, we consider the pricing policy of the hospital, clinic. Thus we select only the best private health care institutions that offer the quality of medical services our clients deserve.



Medical treatment today is impossible without cutting-edge technologies which enable to guarantee painless operation, less intrusive treatment, better post-traumatic care. When selecting private health care providers to work with we pay attention to what kind of technologies are they using. So, we select only those who use superior Western medical technologies and plan ahead the acquisition of new equipment and training of personnel to use them.



People are the most important asset of any institution and it is especially true for health care providers. We select only those clinics and health care providers that employ most qualified doctors and well-trained personnel who are professionals both as doctors and know best the modern methods of treatment.

When it comes to people we also look at the level of motivation of personnel of a private health care provider and their attitude to the client in order to offer you only the clinics where you will feel the comfort of the real human care about your health.