Demyanchuk Vitaliy


MD PhD Demyanchuk V. one of the experienced cardiologists in Kyiv, who would be happy to have patients appointment for a cardiology consultation or detailed heart examination. Dr Demyanchuk V. will help you to prepare for an angiography or heart surgery at Heart Institute, Kyiv.

1993 – Kharkiv Medical Institute.
1993-1996 – internship in pediatric surgery, Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, Kharkiv.
1996-1998 – clinical residency in the specialty of cardiovascular surgery of the Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kyiv.
1998-2008 – MM Amosov Cardiovascular Surgeon, Kyiv.
2004 – Candidate of Medical Sciences.
2008 – Senior Resident, Kyiv Heart Institute.

MD Demyanchuk has studied cardiac surgery in hospitals in France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and the United States.