Most common Heart Treatments are

Heart Disease Treatment
Balloon Valvuloplasty
Mechanical Circulation Support
Heart Treatment

Prices for most common heart surgeries in Eastern Europe

  • Heart Bypass surgery CABG – 7800 GBP
  • Angioplasty procedure – 2900 GBP
  • Heart Valve repair – 5780 GBP
  • Angiography (incl hospital stay) – 700 GBP
  • Angiography and 1 drug-eluting stent – 2680 GBP
  • Catheter ablation procedure – 2100 GBP
  • Hospital stay in semi-private room 1 night – 145 GBP

Hospital treatment of a heart attack

Once you arrive at the hospital, your doctor will decide on the best treatment for you. Your medical plan will depend on how severe your heart attack was.
There are two commonly used ways to restore blood flow in a blocked artery.
Thrombolysis. This is an injection to break down the clot in your coronary artery. Your chance of making a full recovery from your heart attack is much better if the clot is dissolved. However, thrombolytic medicines can increase your risk of bleeding and having a stroke so you may not be given these if you’re at an increased risk of this, for example, if you have recently had surgery.
A coronary angioplasty. This can be done as an emergency procedure (also known as a primary angioplasty) or as a planned procedure. A coronary angioplasty aims to widen your artery by inflating a balloon in your narrowed or blocked coronary artery. A wire mesh tube called a stent is usually inserted to hold the coronary artery open. The cost of coronary angioplasty in Eastern Europe would be about 3000 GBP.
Sometimes a coronary angioplasty isn’t possible, for example, if the blockages in your arteries are too long for a stent or they’re difficult to get to, and you may be offered a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) instead. CABG or heart bypass surgery average cost in Eastern Europe, Ukraine would be 8000 GBP.
CABG is an operation to bypass a narrowed section of your coronary artery using a blood vessel from your chest, leg, or arm. This diverts the flow of blood around the narrowed or blocked coronary artery. Such a bypass surgery price also depends on the recovery period of the patient, which usually takes about 2 weeks.
Heart Treatment