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Diagnostic, Coronary Artery Treatment, Cardio Surgery, Heart Bypass, Heart Transplantation, Open Heart Surgery, Mitral Valve Repair, Stenting, Catheter Ablation Procedures.
Kiev Heart Institute

Heart Institute is a top Cardiology Center in Eastern Europe internationally accredited (BUPA Quality Survey, QHA Trent -UK). The hospital has extensive experience in cardiovascular surgery. The facility employs 155 beds (including semi-private rooms), 5 surgery theaters, VIP services.



QHA Trent Certificate (UK)

Kyiv Heart Institute

BUPA Quality Survey Certificate

Kyiv Heart Institute

Kyiv Heart Institute is most modern cardio hospital in Eastern Europe.
Medical expertise and modern high tech equipment combined are to deliver quality affordable healthcare.
Here are a few facts about this hospital.

Monthly procedures

Coronary ventriculography – 160 procedures
Artery stenting – 50 procedures
Heart surgery – 150. Of them adults – 80% of the children – 20%.
Adults – 55% of coronary artery bypass grafting
35% of the prosthetic valve, 10% mixed
Pacemakers installment – 20
Catheter ablation – 10


  • Heart Valve Repair surgery including rehabilitation program (12-14 days) would cost here about  8200 GBP
  • Angioplasty surgery – 2950 GBP
  • Heart Bypass Surgery CABG price – 7880 GBP
  • Angiography 550 GBP
  • Stenting price (with 1 stent, incl angiography and hospital stay 3 days) -3455 GBP


Cardiac Services

Kyiv’s Heart Institute performs cardiac procedures for all aspects of the diagnosis, management, and treatment of heart conditions for adults and children as well.

Following conditions are being treated at the hospital

  •  Heart attacks 
  •  Myocardial Infarction 
  •  Mitral valve prolapse 
  •  Arrhythmias 
  •  Mitral stenosis and insufficiency 
  •  Aortic stenosis and insufficiency 
  •  Aortic disease 
  •  Congestive heart failure 
  •  Atrial fibrillation and flutter 
  •  Coronary artery disease 
  •  Hypercholesterolemia and risk factor modification 
  •  Heart disease symptoms including angina, shortness of breath, and palpitations. 
  •  Vascular disease 
Cardiac Diagnostics
Kyiv Heart Institute provides a range of diagnostic tests designed to assess the structure and function of the heart.
These include:
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG – heart tracing)
  • Angiography (coronography)
  • MRI (3 Tesla)
  • (Ambulatory ECG recorded over 24/48 hour period)
  • Event recording (recording rhythms of heart)
  • Exercise Tests (tracing recording during a measured piece of exercise)
  • Echocardiography (the measurement of the structure and function of the heart chambers and valves)
  • Tilt Test (to assess causes of faintness or dizziness)
  • Duplex scanning
 Kyiv Heart Institute is one of Ukraine’s leading centers in coronary angiography, angioplasty, and stenting, undertaking high volumes with a lower complication rate than other peer group hospitals.
Also, the Institute has a very good reputation in offering transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), structural heart disease including the closure of septal defects, and transcatheter treatment of valve disease procedure for patients with a high risk of aortic valve disease.

Electrophysiology and HiTech
Kyiv Heart Institute has good expertise in Electrophysiology (EP). This rapidly developing area uses the latest 3D mapping equipment and is the fastest growing cardiology services internationally available including the Kyiv Heart Institute. 3 Tesla MRI is available at the hospital with the latest software. Hospital is largely using the latest Hi-Tech in implantation, including pacemakers, biventricular pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators.
Cardiac Surgery
Ukraine’s leading and largest specialist providers of cardiac surgery including Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). Pricing for CABG surgery at the hospital would be about 7450 USD all included.

Also, the hospital performs general and bariatric surgeries,  joint replacement surgeries, complete check-ups, and other procedures.
The most common procedures patients are looking for at this hospital – are stenting, CABG, valve replacement, angioplasty.

Medical Experts

Todurov Boris M

CEO, Head Surgeon at Health Ministry of Ukraine, Member of National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, PhD, Honoured MD of Ukraine.

Olga Yepanchintseva 

Head of Diagnostic Department, Нigh qualification cardiologist, MD, PhD

Valeriy Kundin
Head of  Nuclear Medicine Department, MD, PhD
Head of Kyiv City Association of Nuclear Medicine, Member of Presidium Ukrainian Association of Nuclear Medicine.
Work experience in nuclear medicine – 26 years.
Specialist of nuclear medicine, ultrasound diagnostic, radiation therapy. The main scientific and practical activity: nuclear medicine in cardiology, uronephrology, pediatrics and oncology.

Author and co-author of 200 scientific articles.

Gavril Kovtun

Pathology of the myocardium and Transplant Department

Head of the department


Myroslav Glagola

Acquired heart valvular disease Department
Head of the department

Andriy Khokhlov

Interventional, Endovascular and Angiography Department

Head of the department

Olexandr Shevchenko
Coronary Treatment Department
Head of the department


Mykola Goncharenko
Anesthesiology Department
Head of the department
Irina Aksyonova
Pediatric department
Heart surgery Head of department
I visited the Kyiv Heart Institute in October 2013 and conducted an essentially unscheduled preliminary site inspection. I was able to meet briefly with the medical director and senior hospital executives. I also spoke with several physicians and patients throughout the hospital. I am confident that the care and professionalism at this hospital is adequate to meet the needs of cardiac patients with advanced or complicated cardiovascular conditions as well as those in need of orthopedic surgery with underlying concomitant cardiovascular disease. It should be considered the Regional Center of Excellence within Ukraine.”
–Maria K Todd, MHA PhD
CEO, Mercury Healthcare International, Inc.

Denver, Colorado USA

Kyiv Heart Institute

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