Patient Referral Services

Trying to find the right healthcare provider or physician to care for yourself or a family member can be challenging, especially if you are not sure which service area you should contact first. Its also possible that a patient is not confident with the medical plan of treatment offered to him by a clinic and therefore he needs a second opinion.

Medicare-4u is comprised of a group of dedicated consultants and nurses, available 24/7 to assist patients during this stressful period. We will listen carefully, and will contact one of our top specialists to care for you.

Expediting Appointments

We will expedite an outpatient appointment, expedite bed placement when an admission is required, or coordinate an inter-hospital transfer. We are committed to being of service every step of the way. Medicare-4u – patients are our priority.

We will speak directly with the physician on your behalf and expedite an appointment, sometimes as quickly as the next day with one of our highly trained specialists.

Patient Transfer

If you are admitted to another hospital, do you know you have the right to transfer your relative or yourself to that hospital? All you will need to do is notify Medicare-4u representative and we will handle the rest. We speak directly with the hospitals authorities and physicians and we will facilitate a consultation between the two physicians to discuss your condition. Additionally, we work with our Finance Department to obtain authorization from your insurance company and will identify the appropriate bed assignment so that our team may continue your treatment without interruption.

Second opinion

If a patient has been offered a medical plan of treatment you may not have enough confidence to follow it. It is where Medicare-4u will be helping a patient with a Second Opinion by one or several medical leading experts in relevant field.

Just send us your medical records and we will arrange you a Second Opinion by any leading surgeon or a hospital counseling anywhere in the world. It may take 1 or 2 days.


To avoid any confusion before hospital admission it is important to understand all the costs involved in the treatment, which are comprised from cost of the medical expertise, surgeon fee, consumables, medications, care and hospital stay.

Medicare-4u will deliver a most accurate quote prior to treatment in order for a patient and his relatives to be fully aware of the all the cost included in the treatment.


In order to lower hospital stay expenses Medicare-4u advises to prepare patient himself best way possible for a aftercare period, which might take right after the surgery performed. Medicare-4u will consult you for a most cost saving way to choose a rehabilitation program based on your needs, medical as well as personal comfort expectations. Some serious surgeries requires 2-4 weeks of rehabilitation, which are as important as the medical care itself.

Travel, accommodation, sightseeing. 

If you wish to combine a good medical care and pleasure, Medicare-4u will do everything to make your trip as easy as possible. Medicare-4u has great discounts in hotels, airlines and travel companies.