Patient Referral Services

Trying to find the right healthcare provider or a doctor can be challenging.  Medicare-4u will assist patients during this stressful period. We will listen carefully and will dedicate one of our top specialists to care for you.

Expediting Appointments

We will expedite an appointment or bed placement when admission is required. Medicare-4u – patients are our priority.

Patient Transfer

If you are admitted to another hospital, do you know you have the right to transfer your relative or yourself to that hospital? All you will need to do is notify Medicare-4u representative and we will handle the rest.

Second opinion

If a patient has been offered a medical plan of treatment you may not have enough confidence to follow it. It is where Medicare-4u will be helping a patient with a Second Opinion by one or several medical leading experts in the relevant field.


To avoid any confusion before hospital admission it is important to understand all the costs involved in the treatment, which are comprised of the cost of the medical expertise, surgeon fee, consumables, medications, care, and hospital stay.

Medicare-4u will deliver the most accurate quote prior to treatment.


In order to lower hospital stay expenses, Medicare-4u advises to prepare the patient himself the best way possible for an aftercare period. Medicare-4u will consult you for the most cost-saving way to choose a rehabilitation program.

Travel, accommodation, sightseeing. 

If you wish to combine good medical care and pleasure, Medicare-4u will do everything to make your trip as easy as possible.