MEDICARE4U has its database of more than 100 slavic / caucasian Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers


Fertility Clinics usually recommending, in order to have a detailed plan for patient treatment, to have patients the latest medical record which would include his last attempts if there were any.
It will help our doctors to estimate patient case better.
The Egg donation program with IVF in IVF clinic in Ukraine is 4500 EUR or  3858 GBP.
There are different medical procedures, which can be recommended only after our doctors can see the results of the tests.
Some tests and diagnostics, which you might need to make, can be also done upon your arrival at our cline in Kiev.
Patient would have to plan his trip for  5-7 days to stay in Kiev, Ukraine – the destination we recommend most at the moment for quality and costs reasons.
No visa needed for UK & USA citizens. Accommodation per night 60 EURO. Low cost airline Wizzair will take you from London to Kiev and back for 100 GBP only.
The IVF clinics in Ukraine have very high success rates – up to 65%, depending on age factor.

The list of medical examinations before IVF

Hormones: LH, FSH, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, AMH
Complex inspection on urogenital infections (Chlamydia, IgG, IgM, Micoplasma (M.Hominis),
Ureaplasma (U.Urealiticum), bacteriological test of urine with antibioticogram. In default of pathology results are actual 6 months.
Ultrasound (gynecology) 5-7 day of cycle.
Sperm test (after 3-4 days of sexual convenience).
Cytology of urogenital smear. In default of pathology, the results are valid for 1 year.
Blood test of married couple: hepatitis B (HBsAg), Hepatitis C, syphilis (TPHA), (VDRL) – RW, HIV (actual 6 months), blood type.
General practitioner consultation (conclusion about the state of health and absence of contraindications to pregnancy).
You can pass them in your country or in our clinic.
The preparation for the egg retrieval lasts about 1.5 month
The list of medications for stimulation: Gonal F, Ovitrel, Proginova 2 mg, Utrogestan 100 mg, Progesterone (injections)
Every year we have more than 350 couples coming to Ukraine for fertility treatment and surrogacy services from UK.
In fact couple of years ago the oldest UK lady 66 become pregnant in Ukraine after the fertility treatment in one of the clinics where director of Medicare4U (Pavel Oltarzhevskyy) used to work as marketing director –please see  –
What egg donation is about?
Some women, for various reasons, are not capable of formation and maturation of oocytes and, consequently, their only real opportunity to get pregnant is to use eggs of a donor, another woman.
Egg donation is defined as a voluntary transfer (gratis or for a fee , anonymous or not) a certain number of eggs from a woman to  the other. Since its birth of a woman the ovaries of healthy woman produces about 400,000 oocytes ( immature eggs) , of which only one out of a thousand reaches maturity and can be fertilized . Monthly multiple oocyte maturation start , but only one at the time of ovulation becomes a full, ripe egg. If fertilization does not occur, the egg will dissapear unused during menstrual bleeding. Becoming an egg donor can be unlimited number of times, but usually we allow a woman to donate no more than 6 times in a lifetime.
Giving someone their egg – means sharing their own genetic material, but do not lose anything in real or forever. Some woman decide to become an egg donor for relatives, someone makes it out of selfless reasons by getting to database of egg donors, egg donation often (especially in some countries – is good earnings for women in a difficult economic situation.
How  donor eggs are being used?
Egg donation is necessary to become pregnant  when a woman can not produce their own eggs.  Once right woman is chosen – donor ( among friends or egg donors in the database), both recipient and the donor must synchronize their menstrual cycles (using the medication therapy) and also special hormones are used in order to stimulate egg maturation .
The resulting fertilized egg immediately (using the method of in vitro fertilization ( IVF) ) husband’s sperm (or donor) and transferred into the uterus of a female recipient. This process is usually using 3 eggs possible to successfully fertalise one or two. The one who wants to become an egg donor, will give several mature oocytes. Upon successful completion of the pregnancy will proceed without any differences or features – in fact, you can even do not mention the fact that you have resorted to donor eggs !
Benefits of egg donation is obvious. Egg donation gives a woman a feeling of deep personal satisfaction, it give a sence of solidarity woth a woman who wnats to have a child – it is a noble act , indeed. Becoming an egg donor – hence enable a childless couple to have a long-awaited child, because egg donation will be left as the only optionto have children when usually  other options have already failed.
Who can become a donor egg ?
According to Ukrainian law, becoming an egg donor not for every woman. Candidate for egg donation must meet a number demands, namely, to give their egg can only by physically and mentally healthy women aged 20 to 32 years old, who already raised her own healthy child. She should not have bad habits (alcoholism , drug addiction etc), her medical history should not be contain serious illness or serious surgeries, hereditary diseases .
To get to the database or to become an egg donors  for a specific family applicant must undergo a comprehensive medical examination, including pelvic examination, full blood count, chest X-rays, tests for HIV, RW and hepatitis, smear, pelvic ultrasound examination and other ( if necessary). Woman who wants to give her egg passes inspection free of charge ( by the clinic ) .
Transvaginal oocyte punctured  performed under ultrasound guidance by the thinnest needle after preliminary full anesthesia. Egg donation is not harmful to health – the whole procedure will take about 5 – 7 minutes. Donor receives financial compensation for egg donation – it can even be considered as additional income for women.
Egg donors – legal aspects
In our country, egg donation  and eggs use is allowed by law. This procedure and its features are governed by Article number 48 Laws of Ukraine on Health and article number 123 of the Family Code. Legal nuances of egg donation in Ukraine are more fully described in the instructions on the application of assisted reproductive technologies, which was approved by the order of Ministry of Health number 771 for 23.12.2008 . Those who want to become an egg donor must be sure to familiarize herself with all the subtleties .

There are legal instruments for regulation of features of the women who can give their egg. The law also guarantees the privacy of those whose data are available in the database of egg donors and whose material can be used anonymously. Legislatively defined and a list of documents that are necessary for the implementation of egg donation: this includes a written agreement with a woman who wants to become an egg donor, in which she confirms her independent, free will and conscious desire to donate her genetic material, as well as the woman’s husband written consent to the donor ( if  there is husband ) . According to the law of Ukraine  egg donor and sperm donor can not have any parental rights or obligations in respect of the unborn or born child.

1. What is the maximum age to be a recepient?
No age limits, but success rates are much lower for ladies over 50. The oldest patient we have successfully treated – 66 old UK lady who got pregnant in 2009.
2. Is it a prerequisite to be married? (one of us is living in a divorce period already). 
It is not prerequisite. Can be divorced individual.
3. How long is the average waiting time?
No waiting lists,but your coming here has be planned at least  in advance 2-3 weeks, so that there is time for our doctors to learn about your tests results and plan your trip, acommodation etc.
4. What is the price for such a treatment?  
Egg donation has various pricing depends whether procedure  is with IVF, ICSI or without one of them.


Become an Egg Donor with Medicare4U and help many childless couples around the word

Egg-sharing is an IVF procedure which brings together women having conventional IVF (the sharer) with those unable to produce their own eggs (the recipients). Egg-sharing enables these two groups of women to help one another – egg-sharers receive free IVF treatment, whilst recipients receive the eggs they need for IVF. So if you decide on egg-sharing, whether as sharer or recipient, you’ll be helping both yourself and someone else become a mum.
If you would like more information on becoming an egg-sharer or an egg recipient please, get in tocuh with us by email below and let us know if you are interested in becoming an egg-share or egg-recipient
Donor Requirements:
  • Between the ages of 21 and 34 and with at least 1 child
  • Valid Travel Passport
  • Physically healthy
  • No history of substance abuse
  • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
  • Not using contraceptive implants or injections as a form of birth control
  • Have both ovaries
  • Psychologically healthy
  • No current use of psychoactive drugs
  • No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
  • Willing to take injections
  • Dependable, mature, and able to keep appointments
If your donor profile does not reveal any disqualifying information then let  Egg-donorfinder contact you for an appointment to begin your journey of egg donation.
MEDICARE-4U has a large database of caucasian egg donors for clinics and clients looking for proven donors.

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