Deliver your child abroad in a most modern hospital in Austria, Switzerland or US

Giving Birth

Our offer
  • 5-10 days‘ stay in a double room
  • Fees for gynecologist, neonatologist, midwife
  • Anesthetist (in case of Caesarean, epidural anesthesia)
  • Baby care and breastfeeding counseling
  • Postnatal gymnastics and massage (three times each) Examinations of the newborn baby included in the price:
  • Hip sonography/hip joint screening,
  • Sonography of kidneys and urinary system
  • Hearing screening Additional service:
  • Additional day in the clinic € 520
  • Extra charge for a single room per day € 180
  • Accommodation of escort person per night € 55

Total package price for delivering in Austria 11 000 EUR (all included).