Various businesses always attracted me since 1988.  In 2014 I managed to be sole owner of a company I love – medicare4U. I always love to create good new businesses.
For a couple of years ago, I understood that the most important asset is a good health. Death is imminent when you took from life everything and old enough to accept it, but when you or your relatives are quite still young and still have small kids around them end of life is not appealing.
Therefore I am very proud to be on the Medicare4U team, a team that struggles to provide you treatment at best clinics for the most affordable price.
Our health is like a car that needs a check-up sometimes, and if the car is broken we will start fixing it right away. Please, take care of your health, and if something is broken we will be there to help you to get the very best treatment.
I love to receive joy from what I do as I believe that a good laugh and joy is the best medicine in the world.
If you looking to get a better look, to fix your teeth, to get a longer life or to make children – we will be there to serve you.
We will never be able to give you 100% guarantee for you having a perfect health, but we will do everything possible for you to improve your quality of life.
Medical tourism is a fast growing business. The most important for us as a company is to be an independent medical facilitator, independent from any insurance company, healthcare provider or even any particular country healthcare system.  Our clients have absolute freedom to choose the treatment they want at the clinic they prefer all around the world.
All of our employees are treating all our clients with courtesy and respect dependless on our client’s social, political or religious background.
Anthony Wood
CEO Medicare4U
Our team
Pavel Oltarzhevskyy
I am native Ukrainian but have lived abroad in US and European countries. Need for quality healthcare knows no boundaries and it is something that brings people together dependless of people believs, nationalities, social and political background. I feel that medical tourism can make us realize that we are a one big family called mankind. Every country has something special to offer. I will further explore other countries healthcare to offer our clients the best possible affordable medical treatment.
Our team
Iryna Denisova
Hello, my name is Iryna. I am 27. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I am enthusiastic, loyal, responsible, honest, cosiable and kind person. My interests are photography, psychology, reading, art, skiing, horse riding, traveling, watching movies. I love to discover life and have curiosity for the other cultures and traditions. That is why I think it's gonna be a great opportunity to be part of Medicare4U team. I want to show the best of Ukraine, and give more information about Ukrainian culture and history. Also, I want to serve people the best way I can to get to know more about the way other nationalitites live and think.