As dental treatment becomes more expensive in some parts of the world dental tourism becames one of the most common nowadays.

Among most popular dental treatments abroad are:
Dental Implants
Root Canal Treatment
Teeth cleaning
Teeth whitening
Caries treatment
Endodontitis treatment
Parodontitis treatment
Gum treatment, periodontology
Teeth jewelery
Teeth treatment during pregnancy
 Our staff consists of experienced therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists and surgeons with major experience. Teeth treatment is done in fastest time, and what is more important, absolutely painless. All procedures are made on modern equipment with newest materials.
Thanks to innovative methods we decreased the number of procedures and time for treatment of painful symptoms.

Our specialists have major experience in treatment of difficult cases, when most tooth part is destroyed or when the teeth channels are damaged etc. Dentists of «Lux Medical» will return your healthy and beautiful smile in shortest time possible.

No cases are too difficult for our dentists. If you contact us in time you will get an excellent result in treatment of all dental problems:

Treatment of damaged teeth;
Restoration of lost teeth;
Fixing of wrong occlusion;
Teeth aligning;
Treatment on any dental infections;
Treatment of gum and teeth inflammation.

Some of the questions you may want to ask are:

  • Who will be carrying out my treatment and what qualifications do they have?
  • Will the dental team speak English? If not, will you provide a translator on the day of the procedure?
  • Do you have any references or testimonials from previous patients?
  • How many times have you carried out the procedure I am having? What are the rates of success, complication, readmission and infection?
  • Are you regulated by a professional body and do you have to be registered with them?
  • Is the work guaranteed for a certain period of time?
  • What aftercare do you provide?
  • What happens if I am unhappy with the results? Who pays for the extra flights, hotel and remedial work?
  • If there are complications and I need further treatment, is this included in the initial cost?
  • Do you have insurance to cover this procedure?
  • Do you have a complaints system in place? Can I see a copy of it?
  • Who can I contact for advice after the treatment?

Dental clinics in Kiev, Ukraine, as well as in Turkey offering cosmetic dentistry, implants, general dentistry, tooth whitening, immediate dental implants, minimally invasive surgery, and the all on four dental procedure.

Our Dental Clinics are delighted to offer world class cosmetic dentistry in Kiev, Ukraine, Turkey with a team of professionals in implantology, orthodontics, dental whitening, and maxillofacial surgery.